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A lot of Hangzhou female doctor heart is always beating for 2 months, the woman fainted 5 times "trouble", menopause is one of them. What does menopause mean? Insomnia? Short tempered? Depressed and suspicious? Menstrual disorders? In fact, the most serious is that it will cause heart problems. What is the relationship between menopause and heart? Let’s take a look at the experience of a doctor. 2 months passed the examination of 5 times failed to find out why Yang Ping is the Zhejiang University School of Medicine Affiliated Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology anesthesia, the age of 43. Yang Ping was too cold for myocarditis, as a doctor, her heart has been very high degree of concern, the standing body available Kyushin Pills, there is a little uncomfortable, immediately take a pill. Since last year, she found herself chest tightness, palpitations, more and more, "is it caused by myocarditis before?" She went to the Department of Cardiology to hang up the number, but the amount of blood pressure, ECG, everything is normal, but the persistent pain has not decreased, which makes Yang Ping uneasy, can only rely on painkillers to alleviate symptoms. One day in March this year, Yang Ping suddenly feel rapid heart beating, panic, do not stand up." The family is preparing for the senior high school entrance examination only daughter, husband on a business trip, "in mind, think quickly, have to let her daughter play 120, to the door of the house opened, I fell, daughter of a person must be frightened." Yang Ping was lying on the sofa, with the heart of tapping beat and eat available Kyushin Pills make blind and disorderly conjectures, she finally got over, the forehead is sweaty, she feels like hell to walk in a circle. She went to the Department of Cardiology for a checkup. Strangely, it was all right. From March to May, Yang Ping fainted 5 times. When the shift unit, a house full of people, a hot flashes from the body to the head was yong, ear buzzing sound tinnitus, it seems always to fall as. "Think about colleagues who are experts on cardiac resuscitation, and even when they pass out, they should be saved." Yang Ping so slowly enlighten yourself, as the mood gradually relaxed, symptoms also slightly eased a little. The feeling of uneasiness is not eliminated, "check is normal, why my heart so uncomfortable?" Yang Ping said, the past few months, she did not dare to sleep, lying in bed every night to holding her husband’s hand, "afraid to sleep in the past, the second day wake up." Department of Cardiology, 10 patients with angina pectoris have 1 in menopause until one day, in the hospital and met the director of the three, the Zhejiang University women’s health care Charity Foundation vice director Zhou Jianhong, "why don’t you tell me earlier." Zhou Jianhong said, "you are the result of menopause." Generally speaking, most people enter menopause in 45 years later, Yang Ping from the age difference of two, the menstrual cycle is normal, so she never considering it, "everyone menopause time is not the same, a few days ago I received a 26 year old female patient had premature ovarian failure." Zhou Jianhong told the evening news reporter, Zhejiang has 5 million women in menopause state, among them, hypertension accounted for 15%, like Yang Ping pseudoangina, accounting for.相关的主题文章:

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Seven years old! CoCo Coco Lee got the Golden Horse Award by [Abstract] the charm of the stage with strong acting force "motor" Coco Lee also did not forget to emphasize: "stage with auditory vision is very important for me, especially I love beautiful clothes, hope to have the opportunity to put on, also hope that the big family love." Coco Lee "Di Da Di" tick, tick Tencent entertainment news fifty-third Golden Horse Awards ceremony will be held in Taipei in November 26th, "the light of the Chinese" CoCo awards committee invited by Coco Lee, after 7 years later she will sing again for the golden horse, with a loving sensual voice interpretation of classic movies love song, Coco Lee said: "the shy husband very much looking forward to my" I Have Nothing "to sing" Moonlight lover ", he love the two songs, while singing the difficulty is particularly high, but each time I love to challenge." Full penetration, singing diva Coco Lee rendering force, this time again as "fifty-third Golden Horse Awards ceremony" guest performers, Coco Lee also said: "quite looking forward to do very much this year, including the singing contest program, to attend the activities, but also miss Taiwan fans and friends, received the Golden Horse Award invited very happy!". Song Suite tracks are classic, Coco Lee said: "the selection of all the classic love songs, also touching movies, songs heard immediately bring people into the romantic unforgettable love story, take us into the memories. Music is a kind of Magic, can let you relive movie, hope to be able to join you in the story of the love story, moved with laughter, feel love!". The charm of the stage with strong force acting small motor Coco Lee also did not forget to emphasize: "stage with auditory vision is very important for me, especially I love beautiful clothes, hope to have the opportunity to put on, I hope you will love." Tencent news client music page card on the line!!! Hand to teach you to add:相关的主题文章:

The man robbed 130 yuan not to force WeChat to pay the victim cm68.com

The man robbed 130 yuan not to force the victim "WeChat to pay" WeChat paid to people’s life to bring convenience, but if criminals use WeChat to pay to do "what bad thing"? The day before, Shenyang court system issued 3 "WeChat to pay" typical illegal case involving defendants received legal punishment. One case: 130 yuan to grab the victim "too forced WeChat to pay 1659 yuan one night in January 2016, unemployed man BAE knife followed a pedestrian, the line to the south of Shenyang City Street Heping District, a district of five, BAE approached the victim’s neck reined in, and the threat of a knife:" quickly put the money out otherwise, take your life!" Bae stole 130 yuan in cash on the spot, but he did not give up, then forced the victim through WeChat transfer, to transfer his WeChat account 1659 yuan. The third day of the incident, BAE was arrested by public security organs. The court held that the defendant BAE for the purpose of illegal possession, by violence, coercion, forced to rob the property of others, their behavior has constituted the crime of robbery. Shenyang City District People’s court, the defendant BAE was sentenced in three years and seven months, and fined 20 thousand yuan. Case two: mobile phone game man borrowed a friend stealing WeChat turn away tens of thousands of dollars one night in January 2016, a 26 year old man surnamed Wang in the home of friends in Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone to the party, he is to use the mobile phone to play games, will be a friend of the mobile phone to cheat into their own hands. Previously, Wang know each other’s WeChat payment password. He used the WeChat secret transfer function, will be 10 thousand yuan this friend WeChat bound bank card into their bank card. 10 days later, Wang saw the victim was not aware of, in the same way as the other bank card 9700 yuan to his WeChat account. After the incident, the defendant restitution to victims of economic loss of 19700 yuan. The court held that the defendant Wang illegal possession for the purpose of secretly stealing other people’s property, the larger the amount, his behavior constituted theft. Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone People’s Court of first instance verdict, the defendant Wang was sentenced to seven months and fined $20 thousand. Case three: the woman lied to help a friend purchasing fur swindled 10 WeChat transfers from November 2015 to January 2016, Shenyang women Panmou lied to their friends to purchase fur clothing, to get their trust, to the needs of some of the money has prepaid and payment has been paid by the name of a shop, WeChat has 10 mobile phone transfer form a total of 9800 yuan of money to deceive the victim. The above amount is used for personal consumption pan. The court held that the defendant pan illegal possession for the purpose of using fictional facts, conceal the truth of the way to defraud others of property, the larger the amount, his behavior constituted the crime of fraud. The court verdict, the defendant Panmou was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for six months, and fined 20 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章:

Chinese football lottery 16176 game winning record of the 14 games restorator

Chinese football lottery 16176 game of the outcome of the game in the record of Crystal Palace VS Manchester City two teams in the history of fighting over the past 54 games, Crystal Palace, 15 wins, 12 draws and 27 losses of 14. The two teams in the Premier League against 30, Crystal Palace 8 wins 7 flat 15 negative, into 27 ball lost 45 goals, including 5 wins 3 flat home court negative 7 games, scoring 16 goals to lose 19 balls. The season Manchester City 15-16 grade Crystal Palace home court home court season 0:1 (15.09.12) 4:0 (16.01.16) 15-16 League Cup   5:1 (15.10.29) 14-15 (15.04.07) 3:0 Premier League season 2:1 (14.12.20) 13-14 (14.04.27) 1:0 Premier League season 0:2 (13.12.28) 09-10 season league cup 0:2 (09.08.28)   04-05 season 1:2 (04.09.18) 3:1 (05.01.15) 01-02 season championship   1:0 (02.03.16) VS Everton Swansea teams in the history of war over 25 games, 15 wins, 8 draws and 2 negative everton. The two teams in the Premier League in 14 against Everton, 8 wins 5 flat 1 negative, scoring 24 goals to lose 10 balls, including 3 wins 3 flat home court negative 1 games, scoring 10 goals to lose 7 balls. Swansea 15-16 grade season Everton home court home court season 1:2 (16.01.24) 0:0 (15.09.19) 14-15 0:0 (14.11.01) 1:1 season 14-15 League Cup (15.04.11)   3:0 (14.09.24) 13-14 (14.03.22) 1:2 Premier League season 3:2 (13.12.23) 13-14 FA Cup 3:1 (14.02.16)   12-13 (0:0 Premier League season 13.01.12) 0:3 (12.09.22) 11-12 season   (12.03.24) 0:2 Southampton VS Liverpool teams in the history of war over 99 games, Southampton 28 wins 22 flat 49 negative. The two teams in the League played 77 times, Southampton 21 wins 19 flat 37 negative, into 88 ball lost 119 goals, including 17 wins 9 flat home court negative 12 games, scoring 58 goals to lose 49 balls. Grade of Southampton Liverpool home court home court season 15-16 season 3:2 (16.03.20) 1:1 (15.10.26) 15-16 League Cup 1:6 (15.12.03)   14-15   2:1 Premier League season; (14.08.17) 13-14 0:3 (14.03.02) 0: Premier League season)相关的主题文章:

Stunned! Net explosion two boys were fined Nanning aisle reporter visited the truth cancam

Stunned! Net two boys burst in Nanning sent off to sleep aisle reporter visits the truth in November 24th, a netizen posted saying "Nanning business school students have been sent on the floor beside the playground corridor to sleep". What is the truth? Net exposure picture shows, two male students sleep in the corridor on the mat, pillow, one quilt. Next to the school stadium, from time to time there are boys and girls from their side. Post users believe that, no matter what the reason, so the punishment of students is not appropriate, how embarrassing the parties……" In November 25th, the South China Morning Post reporter went to someone’s school campus, by comparing photos, found in front of students was lying in a corridor of practical teaching buildings. "On November 25th, the reporter involved in the school took pictures. For students to sleep in the corridor of things, there are a number of students said to know. Some students said, I heard that they love to sleep in class, so the teacher was fined in the hallway to sleep, do not know is not true, a number of students said that only know the sleep, the specific reasons are not clear. For net posts described the situation, the school said a teacher has long been noted. He said that the two students sleep in the corridor is true, but after they understand, the teacher is not in the corporal punishment student, but the students "anger" behavior. The Dragon teacher explained, what actually happened in the morning of November 17th, a new school in the automotive classes, there are two students in the classroom usually compare love to sleep, to persuade their teacher. Did not expect the students to respond, said, I would like to sleep ah, do not sleep in the classroom, do not go to the corridor to sleep ah?" Hear, teacher casually replied, "if not too ashamed if you want to go". Due to the auto repair class is all boys, many students are booing. Long teacher said, the teacher in the finished saying those words left the classroom, also did not say to the students to sleep in the hallway. But he did not think of is, this two students really went to the dormitory brought to bed mat, quilt corridor. Later, the class teacher saw them sleeping there, very surprised, and then let them back. "It’s not a long time to sleep in the hallway, but I’m still asleep." Teacher said that this makes them teachers feel embarrassed, became a joke". In the long teacher, someone’s teacher in charge of the school is more responsible teacher, a student at midnight, he was riding an electric car from home to school, send students to the hospital. Reporters asked whether to meet with two students, the school said that due to the younger children, and now there are a variety of claims on the Internet, do not want them to be affected by the matter, so it is inconvenient to do arrangements. The source of | South China Morning Post reporter Chen Wei相关的主题文章:

Wenzhou a rental fire walls were blackened 10 year old boy jumped from the 10 meter high jump magicq

Wenzhou a rental fire walls were blackened 10 year old boy jumped from the 10 meter high jump behind the smoke fire room, a 10 year old boy, standing on the 3 floor window, jumped; downstairs, six or seven neighbors, pulled the quilt, the boy jumped under the direction of alignment…… This thrilling scene occurred a few days ago in Wenzhou in a rented room, fortunately, the child fell on the quilt, there is no danger, but because of the impact force is too large, pulmonary contusion, rib fracture. Rental housing wall was 10 meters away from the top black night of October 26th, Wenzhou Zhejiang industrial district Shacheng street, there was a fire in a rented room, in which 4 people were trapped. The fire of the rental housing is a brick structure of the building, a total of 3. The highest level, about 10 meters away from the ground. After the incident, the outer wall of the rental housing was thick smoke black, the door also posted a closed fire site announcement. There is a family of five in the rental room. At the time of the incident, only the hostess and eldest son, the youngest son and daughter in the house, the owner out of something. The first is that the fire rental housing near neighbor mr.. He said, probably more than 8 o’clock in the evening, he was talking to his friends in his shop, suddenly, he looked up to see the incident rental housing smoke fire, immediately and friends rushed to the rescue. The fire began to burn from the 2 floor, then more and more prosperous." Mr. Xiang said he and his friends took the fire extinguisher wanted to rush into the fire, but the fire was too big to succeed, had to turn to the surrounding neighbors for help, fire, fire fighting ah!" The child leaned out ready to jump quickly to stop the neighbors at the scene of Ms. Liu, quickly dialed alarm call. "The first woman and her daughter came down." Liu said, at that time, the hostess and daughter were trapped on the 2 floor, her eldest son and his youngest son was trapped on the 3 floor. Shortly after the fire, the 2 floor of a window hanging near the ground curtain cloth, and then the hostess holding her daughter down the curtain cloth, no injuries. My mother saw success from the 2 floor to escape after the 10 year old son stuck half of the body ready to jump from the 3 floor. "Don’t jump, wait a minute." Mr. Xiang hastened to stop, he said, the 3 floor is relatively high, the child jumped to the risk of life. So let the next door neighbor from home to fetch a quilt, six or seven men pulled a corner of the quilt, waiting just below the 3 floor window. According to the video display, the eldest son leap, jumped from 3 quilts, successful catch. However, rescue workers said in a huge impact, the child was caught up again after falling to the ground, the body with multiple injuries. Little son did not choose to jump out of a window in the persuasion, a few minutes later, the Longwan Fire Bureau of the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, he successfully rescued. At present, the eldest son in the ICU ward of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Children’s Hospital temperature are receiving treatment. According to the medical staff, the boy’s injury for lung contusion, pneumothorax and a rib fracture, there is no risk of life. However, for the incident, the hostess’s family declined an interview request. As for the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.相关的主题文章:

Online and offline Qi propaganda general discipline into the hearts of people – Zhejiang Chan 9c8947

Online and offline together to promote   discipline into the heart of Zhejiang, people.com.cn Channel original title: online and offline promotions in the general discipline into the heart (Weng Dikai, commissioning editor: Zhang Liwei)相关的主题文章:

Chengdu tide male station busy self ten thousand yuan lost luggage insurance liuxiaobo

"Chengdu Metrosexual station" busy self million lost baggage insurance Sichuan online news (reporter Liu Hongshun Ma Yiping Huang Lei) during the national day, a ready to travel by train Metrosexual 90 at the train station playing the self timer, with more than forget your baggage, million lost property. October 4th 9 am, Chengdu South Railway Station police station patrol in the waiting hall, found a seat on a black backpack, police immediately in the waiting room to carry out visits to ask, but no one claimed. In order to ensure the timely contact the owner, the police rushed to the station broadcast search through the radio, and arrange colleagues continue to find the owner in the train station. 20 minutes later, a fashionable clothing, fashionable dress of young man sweat ran to the police duty room "report", said his bag was gone, the bag has a lot of property. After verification, the name of the tide man is the owner of the backpack. "Metrosexual" is a native of Chengdu, was living near Chengdu train station, but since junior high school after the move will not come again. The National Day holiday, he planned to take the Chengdu Chongqing high-speed EMU travel to Chongqing, the thought is revisiting, and joy of travel, the man was very excited, before the trip was carefully dressed up, ready in the high-end atmosphere of the new train station camwhoring, made a circle of friends to win a point like. When the man stop ticket, hand bag on the seat in the waiting room, put together the self to play pose. Subsequently, he also repeatedly "turn" in the station, had not even noticed his bag on the seat, even the radio station to find the owner, he still revel in self pleasure, when will the ticket on the train, found himself lost a bag, and then immediately found the police for help. Under the witness of the station staff, Jiang Wei carried out a backpack inventory, which is equipped with a value of 11000 yuan Canon SLR camera 1, $2000 Crocodile Wallet, $200 in cash and several bank cards. After confirmation, the police handed back the backpack to the man. In the face of repeated thanks to the man, Chiang police said humorously, self image is good, the higher the price of money, travel must pay attention to the luggage to see prison". Further reading: Nanchong district now abandoned luggage stench inside Sichuan residents suspicion dead man Hanyuan with 40 thousand in cash through security was wrong with the luggage insurance in Hubei lost luggage to Shandong 48 Bazhong migrant workers left Guangyuan old car on the way to discuss that the lost grandson logistics company (Figure) in front of ABA County thieves smashed cars stolen belongings accidentally lost identity card on the car相关的主题文章: